Lanthio Pharma Receives Gouden KIEM Award as Dutch Chemical Start-up of the Year

November 21, 2014 / 7:30 am, CET

Lanthio Pharma B.V., the biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing lanthipeptides, announced today that the Company has been recognized by NWO Chemical Sciences and TKI NCI with the Gouden KIEM Award as Dutch Chemical Start-up of the Year. The award was presented at the CHAINS 2014 conference, Veldhoven, on November 17th. Other finalists for this year’s award were Tagworks Phamaceuticals and Novio Sense.

With the “Chemical Start-up of the Year” competition NWO and TKI aim to encourage startups, to stimulate collaboration between Dutch chemical startups and universities, and to promote KIEM (Knowledge Innovation Mapping) subsidies. A KIEM is a project involving a small or medium-sized enterprise together with one or more research institutes that is aimed at answering a practical research question.

Dr Gert Moll, Chief Scientific Officer of Lanthio Pharma, commented: “We are delighted to receive this award and to be recognized as the Start-up of the Year in our sector. 2014 has been a successful year for our company. We were able commercialize our technology assets and are now focused on discovering and developing lanthipeptide drugs for serious diseases.”

Jury chairman Bert-Jan Lommerts explained the choice of the jury: “All candidates were judged on three criteria: value creation, innovation and ambition. Lanthio Pharma as the winner stood out for its business development. The company was successful in negotiating a deal on their technology platform. This generates cash flows, which enables the company to focus on its core ambition: to make new discoveries and innovations in health care.”


About Lanthio Pharma

Lanthio Pharma is a privately held drug discovery company that applies its proprietary lanthionine-peptide technology to the discovery of novel peptide therapeutics with longer half-life and high receptor selectivity. Lanthio Pharma is building a pipeline of therapeutic lanthipeptide drugs against diseases of high medical interest, including fibrosis, cardiovascular diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Constrained peptides like lanthipeptides are an emerging compound class which offers the potential to address many types of target and disease categories, currently beyond reach for therapeutic proteins or small molecules. The technology of Lanthio Pharma includes a proprietary bacterial display library capability, which allows construction of focused or randomized libraries of lanthipeptides that can be screened against disease targets of interest. MorphoSys AG has obtained the rights to commercialize Lanthio’s technology. Lanthio Pharma is funded by Inkef Capital, BioGeneration Ventures, MorphoSys and RUG Holding.


About NWO Chemical Sciences

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW) is one of the most important science-funding bodies in the Netherlands and ensures quality and innovation in science. Each year NWO invests more than 650 million euros in curiosity-driven research and research related to societal challenges. NWO selects and funds research proposals based on the advice of Dutch and international experts from science and society. NWO encourages national and international collaboration, invests in large-scale research facilities, promotes knowledge utilisation, and manages research institutes. NWO funds more than 5.600 research projects at universities and knowledge institutions. For more information please visit


About TKI New Chemical Innovations

The TKI New Chemical Innovations (TKI NCI) stimulates cooperation between chemical industry and knowledge institutes. The TKI aims to accelerate innovation through the development and use of scientific research. The TKI supports initiatives which have good potential to grow into larger public private partnerships. Selected initiatives can be funded by either the TKI itself of by NWO’s New Chemical Innovations Fund, which has several funding instruments. One of them is KIEM (Knowledge Innovation Mapping). A KIEM is a project involving an SME together with one or more knowledge institutions that is aimed at answering research questions in practice. For more information please visit